ashington Area Ambulance District
515 Washington Ave. Washington, MO 63090
Phone: (636) 239-6354
Fax: (636) 239-1406
Board of Directors
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Subdistrict 2
Missy Manhart
Subdistrict 1
Kelsey Tucker
Subdistrict 3
Ron Scheer

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Subdistrict 4
Larry Frick
Subdistrict 6
Scott Breckenkamp
Subdistrict 5
Mary Jo Sullentrup
The Washington Area Ambulance District is Governed by an elected Board of Directors consisting of 6 members. Each Board Member represents the public in the interest of community health and welfare, ensuring an emergency medical service that provides the very best for our community. The Board employs a Chief to oversee and manage day to day operations and fullfill the direction of the Board. EMS is an ever changing and progressive community service that you, the taxpayer, expects and deserves. This is something the Board of Directors of the Washington Area Ambulance District takes seriously. We thank you for your trust and confidence in our abilities to bring you the service you deserve.
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